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I am a designer with 1 part front-end development, 1 part UX design and 1 part digital illustration. I am also a developer with a deep interest in machine learning.

Wadzanayi Kimberley Bwanya

About me

I am an avid creative who uses technology to solve problems. I am the Creative Director of Beedesigned, a Zimbabwean design company which provides a wide spectrum of digital design services. The company tagline, Simple-Articulate-Creative reflects our style of design in our efforts to create meaningful and relevant experiences for our clients and users. In 2017, I founded Techempowerment, an organic, on-the-ground non-profit organisation that works collectively with partners across the private, social profit, academic and government sectors to technologically empower girls and women, enabling them to maximize on productivity in their academic, domestic and professional lives. I am a firm believer that technology is a great equalizer and it is the ultimate form of empowerment that can help shape the world we want. When I am not designing or coding, I enjoy playing hockey and participating in outdoor activities.

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You can send me an email on kimberley [at] beedesigned [dot] co [dot] zw I read everything sent there.If you need to talk to me on the phone, send me an email and I'll gladly email you instructions on how to reach me.